Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchens

Sizzle, cook and entertain

outdoor kitchens to make every meal a celebration

Welcome to Diamond Pools and their ultimate outdoor kitchen designs, where the grill sizzle, the aroma of delicious food, and the warmth of good company combine to create a culinary experience that’s nothing short of a celebration!

The heart of our outdoor kitchens sits against a backdrop of nature’s beauty and the ambiance of your backyard style, whether natural, tropical, traditional, contemporary, modern or other.

Our culinary outdoor kitchen designs are robust with state-of-the-art grills, pizza ovens or other grill types. The aesthetic appeal and functionality are simply the best, from the centerpiece of the cooking station with juicy steaks to succulent seafood and areas for entertaining and socializing.

Grill, relax and enjoy

food that tastes better outside

With Big Diamond Pools, our outdoor kitchen designs are limitless, as there are all sizes, shapes and styles.

Do you prefer a spacious grilling area allowing for ample cooking surfaces to accommodate a variety of dishes at once? Adjacent to the grill can be a well-equipped prep station, complete with a large sink for easy cleanup and food prep. Here, vegetables can be chopped, and meats marinated while you quickly prepare your ingredients while enjoying the fresh air and the company of your friends and family.

Do you have the space and budget for such a spacious outdoor kitchen? Perhaps not, but do not worry because we can incorporate what you need at Big Diamond Pools, no matter the space allowed.

There are various standard outdoor kitchen layouts such as straight line, L-shape, U-shape, curved, etc. Yes, some will require more space and an increased budget, but no matter your size, budget and entire scope, we can make it work at Big Diamond Pools. The results of your outdoor kitchen will be nothing short of fantastic.

outdoor kitchens

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