Water Features

Water Features

Let water be your remedy

Water Features Music To Your Ears

Big Diamond Pools, a renowned pool design and construction company in Texas, offers a wide range of exquisite water features that can transform any backyard into a luxurious oasis. With expertise in crafting stunning pools and water features, our water feature design team. At Big Diamond Pools can create breathtaking designs that cater to our client’s desires, needs and budgets.

When choosing Big Diamond Pools for your new pool construction with added water features, your options are endless. As there are several water feature types, each can be individualized, especially for you and your outdoor space.

Let water work its magic

Bringing the beauty of Water to your doorstep

Here we list a few standard water features that we can customize to match your pool’s decor and home’s architectural style.

Custom Waterfalls

Waterfalls add a touch of elegance and serenity to any pool. Whether it’s a sheer descent waterfall that creates a sleek and modern look or a natural rock waterfall that mimics the beauty of nature, our skilled artisans can craft waterfalls that seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape, creating a stunning visual focal point.

Cascading Spillways

Are you aiming for a contemporary backyard layout? How about tropical? No worries, Cascading spillways are perfect for any poolscape. At Big Diamond Pools, we design and construct spillways that create a mesmerizing effect as water cascades from one level to another, producing a soothing and relaxing ambiance that will reflect the backyard’s personality. Two types are sheer descents and rain curtains.

Spillways can be made from various materials such as glass, tile, or stone, allowing for customization to suit the overall aesthetic of the pool and backyard decor.

Bubblers and Jets

Bubblers and jets are excellent water features that can add an interactive element to a pool. Jets shoot streams of water into the pool as bubblers bubble up, creating a playful and dynamic atmosphere. Bubblers and jets can be placed strategically to create stunning visual effects and provide a refreshing experience for swimmers of all ages.

Bubblers are excellent on tanning ledges as these areas are shallow and great for young kids and pets to frolic in.

Combine Water and Fire

Combining the mesmerizing elements of fire and water adds drama and elegance to any pool. From fire bowls that emit warm, flickering flames over a cascading waterfall to fire pits integrated into a pool’s design, these features create a captivating focal point that adds a unique ambiance to the pool area, especially during evening gatherings or events.


Pool fountains are a classic water feature that can instantly enhance the aesthetics of a pool. Big Diamond Pools can create custom pool fountains in various designs, shapes, and sizes, ranging from elegant spouts that shoot water into the air to intricate fountain sculptures that can be customized to match the style of the pool and surrounding area.

Pool fountains add visual appeal and produce a soothing sound that adds to the overall relaxation and enjoyment of the pool.

Spas and Hot Tubs

How about a luxurious spa and hot tub alongside your pool for the ultimate relaxation experience? Various water features installed integrate the pool and the spa. For example, consider a spa spillover that allows the water from the spa to spill into the pool. The spill area can be tiny to around the entire spa 360 degrees.

Water Features

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